Friday, March 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

I know this is way late but Christmas is an important event, especially Ava's first christmas! We had a lot of fun, but were very glad when it was over! It was a long couple of days! I should have listened to most people that Ava wouldn't really need anything, because she wouldn't even open the presents. I guess its the memories for me that count! She basically climbed on the presents then went and hung out with the dog! It was pretty cute tho! We like always went to my parents house for Christmas Eve and opened up Jammies. We then stayed home all morning and had Christmas at our house, which was so nice! We then got ready and went to church. Went back to my parents for breakfast and presents, then packed up to go to to justin's parents house for more presents! I think we all got spoiled and it was so much fun!

Ava Is 1!!!

So my sweet baby is one!! ( Ill do another post for her birthday party!)
We went and got her pictures taken on her birthday and I couldn't be happier with them! She is pretty much the cutest little thing EVER!! I love this girl!!
She was even so tired while getting them done, but M&M's always do the trick!
So enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Halloween, Thanksgiving, 8 & 9 months...OH MY!!

We went down to the pumpkin patch in Santaquin and i think Ava had a pretty fun time playing with the pumpkins! We sat her on this truck that had a TON of pumpkins and she just played all over them and had a blast!
This Is my favorite picture of her ever!! I love that smiling face!
This was Ava eating her yummy Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and gravy!! YUMMY!
Every month I try to get pictures of her on her "birthday" and i usually put a number by her, but she wanted to eat the number instead! She seemed pretty happy about it, so i just let her! This was probably the best picture i got of her. She just wants to wiggle and crawl everywhere! Hence the blurry picture of her!
This was her 9 month picture and i kinda gave up on the number thing. I think that I'll remember how old she is around christmas time. She loved playing with the lights and thought it was pretty cool. And again, she wouldn't sit still for the life of me! But she is to cute to even care!
Miss Ava loves her tubby time! We took a bath together and we had to add lots of bubbles and I'm sure we were in there for about 20 min or so. She couldn't get enough. She kept eating them and putting them on her face ( with our help of course). Oh and she Absolutely HATES showers. She has a sad face the whole time and cries...
SInce My Ava is so tiny I figured i would put her in a pumpkin and she actually didn't mind it much. Going through all the pictures was funny, she never had her arms down farther than this. She usually had them out to the side or over her head. Cant blame her though, thats a freaking cold pumpkin!

This girl is my favorite ever!! She is so fun and does all sorts of things now.
  • She goes up the stairs about every chance she can get, and thats about a million times a day!
  • She learned how to drink out of a straw...totally random.
  • She Still LOVES Elmo
  • If she could eat all day, I'm pretty sure that she could
  • She is such a mommies girl and i pretty much have to hold her all day
  • She is still way to tiny! 15 pounds at 9 months ( 2%) and 26.5 in ( 15%) i love my tiny!
  • She says momma and dada but only if she really wants something
I seriously couldn't imagine my life without this little person! She is a lot of work, but oh man...she is so worth it!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Because...

My mom is crazy and I love her!

Grandmas Cabin

She was so tired! she had a long, fun weekend!
Its a Tradition to always carve your name in the tree every time you go!
Ava snuggling Grandpa Tom
Her eating marshmallows and she loved it! I think she had 2!
And whats marshamallows without hot chocolate. Grandma Tom Shared with her!

We had the pleasure of going up to my Grandmas Cabin over labor day weekend. I hadn't been there in probably over 10 years and i'm so glad we were able to go! I love this place and it has so many fun memories for me! We all had so much fun just hanging out and finding all the old fun stuff we used to play with. Plus it was Ava's first trip!

5 And 6 Months!

She is hard to get pictures of lately! She just wants to be a wiggle worm all the time! i dont think she ever sits still.

Im so in love with that smile!

So my little miss Ava is already 6 months old! so so crazy and went by fast but slow..? Not sure how that works!
  • She Loves her binky and when she doesn't have it she either sucks on her fingers of her lip and tongue!
  • She moves all over that place! She wiggles and rolls across the whole family room
  • She fell of the bed for the first and last time :(
  • She loves people! I don't think she minds strangers as long as i'm holding her. She smiles like crazy for them
  • Loves loves food! She will eat anything, anytime.
  • Loves her mommy and daddy!
  • Started to make baba, mama, dada, sounds. To bad they don't mean anything yet!
  • She loves going on walks she just sits and enjoys!
  • We took her on her first trip to my Grandmas cabin and she did so well and had lots of fun!
  • Any time she can get her hands on my hair..she does! When i change her i put my hair down so she can play and sit still!
  • She loves our dog Beans! she will sit and smile at her and loves when she licks her hands
  • She is so so so TINY!! She only weighs 12lbs 12 oz at 6 months..2% on the charts. I feel like i have a newborn again because i have to feed her every two hours now. Hopefully she starts packing on the weight or who knows what things we will have to do. (she only gained half a pound in 2 months)
  • And since she is so tiny..0-3 month clothes still fit her.
  • She loves watching Dora, Baby Einstein and Elmo
We just love her so so much and are so happy that she is our sweet little Girl! I cant get enough of her!

You wouldnt think, but Ava is a pig!

Yes thats Bacon...YUCKY!!!

THis little girl absolutely loves her food!! She sure can eat just like her daddy! I started her at about 5 months, she was sure ready! She would pound two bowls of oatmeal cereal plus nursing and some fruits or veggies. Plus everything i eat she has to have some or else she freaks out! and she pretty much likes everything i have given her so far..even peas..yuck! I think she likes the food i have better than mushy baby food but she doesn't her food is food!